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…Kintpuash led his people to take a stand against U.S. Army soldiers in 1872 to protect their land. For over a year, the Modocs tenaciously stood their ground in the California lava beds. In the end, four leaders of the Modoc tribe were tried and executed in front of their people – the only Native American leaders ever tried by the U.S. government for war crimes. The Modoc War survivors – 163 men, women, and children – were transported as prisoners of war on cattle cars to Oklahoma.

This is the story of what happened to the Modoc warriors and their families after all was lost…

Produced in direct collaboration with the Modoc Nation of Oklahoma, Modoc Nation: An Untold Story of Survival was filmed on location in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Indiana. Featuring first-hand accounts from the descendants of the Modoc War survivors, breathtaking footage of the California Lava Beds, wildlife native to the traditional Modoc lands, and an original score, this film shares a fresh perspective on the aftermath of the tragic Modoc War, and how the descendants fought to create a new legacy of survival and hope.

Modoc Nation: An Untold Story of Survival features an original score, written and produced by film and TV composer Phil Larson. Blending traditional sounds, cinematic orchestration, and even Modoc voices recorded by the Modoc tribe members in Oklahoma, Larson created a soundscape that enhances the telling of this story of survival, resilience, and hope. The soundtrack is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms.